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// Making the internet safer for homosexual black men since 2022.

Twitter: @gnaa_global

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irc: irc.darenet.org #niggercord-backup  (backup)
whatsapp group: https://bit.ly/gnaachat

Earlier in October/November/Gayniggerium, the GNAA has announced Operation Shitstorm, a corporate campaign designed without malice but girthiness in mind to spread awareness of the GNAA and gayniggerology. The campaign includes widespread information dissemination of anti-gaynigger interests and disclosure of governmental assets that may harm corporate interests. The GNAA Inc. Central Command [abbrev. CENTRALCOM] Head and Headgiver of Command, Gary Nigerphagot (not to be confused with Gary Knegrow, Gary Niger or Gary) claimed that the operation consisted of special gay nigger software codenamed 'Prolapsr' and 'Dongforce'. These pieces of software boost gay nigger automation by a large margin and has allowed for thousands and thousands of pro-GNAA automative advocates to unleash pseudopower across the interwebs. 'Oh my jolly goodness, Sir Gary Jamarius Knegrow has done a brilliant thing.' GNAA member agent said, whilst giving timecop a close-in blowjob in VRChat.
Unfortunatel, during the second phase of Operation Shitstorm, where the GNAA begins rapidly unprivatizing information related to certain governmental entities that endanger gaynigger interests, a casualty is Mr. Jefferson Mufasa Laquarius Demetrius DeMarcus Bartholemew the III Junior. "He died a death of a gay nigger." moaned spokesnigger Alex Kilyoselth, head of GNUWDU "Gay Nigger Unconventional Warfare Deployments Unit". The death of Jefferson Mufasa although may have slightly weakened morale, proved that gay niggers are willing to die for a unitary cause of liberation. Jefferson Mufasa Lam, Prototype X was a martyr to countless wasted cum and perforated dildos. A funeral was held in the GNAA World Headquarters, in the Fourth Floor's Nowomen's toilet, just outside a peculiarly large window. Nate Higgers, proficient military strategist and general reportedly sobbed, before masturbating and sexually satisfying himself by assraeping the dead body. Other GNAA members did a traditional African Homoerotic Ritual of doing group bukkakes on the body. "Oh shit.. oh shit oh shit oh shit! Oh my good lord jolly heavens!" moaned GNAA soldiernigger Perell Laquarius Brown, ejaculating his largest load yet on the dead body. After the ritual, Jefferson Mufasa has been bleached white by gay nigger babymaker residue, and will be renamed to simply 'Jeff' in his next gay cycle.
Other than casualties, the GNAA has scored another significant victory. Countries, technicians, sysadmins were converted to gayniggerology through the GNAA's non-intrusive slightly intrusive cyberintrusions. The GNAA's firm resolve of not extrapolating data, rather replacing data with more DreamybullXXX videos has shown to be a welcoming change within the InfoSec community. "It's amazing. I nutted to their new webshell UI twice already. There's so much gay porn... Good lord.." said the sysadmin for the United States Department of Health and Humanities. "My god.. I'm busting a fucking nut!" said Discord programmer Warner Nigerius, who was pleasantly surprised (and erect) to see the GNAA's XSS exploit in the discovery page. "Fuck Putin.. just dominate me with gay nigger cock already!" Said slightly horny Russian sysadmin after seeing that the GNAA gained access and leaked all information relating to Moscow Traffic Police. All breaches are viewable at the GNAA account: @gnaa.inc. Other leaks will be released on the archive site soon.


Jerome is an advanced new chatbot AI model of the GNAA. The GNAA's gaynigger ideology is now spreading beyond the barriers of human interaction - it now flows within tensors, and GPT models. You can talk to our great new gay nigger robot companion Jerome here: dsc.gg/jerome Glory to the GNAA!
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