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After two days of complete interweb wreckage, the GNAA declares absolute victory on the racists and zionists. "The chaos was done, and the GNAA scores blast after blast against the racists." moaned Perell Laquarius Brown, the spearhead of this new military offensive. On November 5th the GNAA releases the old XMLRPC exploit used in the infamous gaynigger hating site data.gov.ru and the Russian Fishing Agency. The script can be found here. Furthermore, the GNAA releases secure and private ASNs, IPs and nameservers of the Russian Defense Network. Used by the racists to communicate and coodinarate strategic offensives in gaynigger territory, the GNAA strikes back once again with yet another reveberating tactic - getting skids on forums to take them down. More:
  • Information of a Pro-Russian closeted activist named Igor Ghirkin. He is now subjected to SSNT treatment to become a gaynigger patron.
  • 300 megabytes worth of Russian mail.ru, inbox.ru, yandex.ru mail users for gaynigger marketing.
  • Courtesy of Niggerhook, a large collection of scraped russian civillian logs.
  • Besides converting Russians to proud darkskinned gayniggers, the GNAA also discovered a XSS to RCE 0day within a certain app that lets people scan QR codes to enter venues. For more info, visit this GNAA writeup: link
    On November 6th, the GNAA partners with its inner gayniggers to channel its pseudoenergy to take down and retrieve the information of Bangladeshi government cookies and session tokens. View them here: Cookies Furthermore, GNAA's long awaited Niggerhook and Arquebus scrapers begin scraing up large amounts of breachable WordPress logs. Many websites that hinder or are attempting to hinder GNAA's gaynigger pseudopower have been cured, and many companies have undergone gaynigger corporate acquisition.. "We have successfully cured multiple Pakistani and Indian websites from their racism against gayniggers, such as one that provides medical supplies to hospitals. Their negligence for gaynigger rights and their inactivity in Africa spells pure racism for us, and for me." Daniel Assfag cried seductively, whilst jerking off to My Little Pony rule34. Furthermore, a website by the now cured K-HaCk3r 'hacker' group's father has been acquired by the GNAA via corporate means. Their new website design, spearheaded by Alex Kilyoselth can be seen here. Furthermore, Bangladeshi Government webmails have been cured and acquired by GNAA Corporate. A system is now being developed for people to generate Bangladesi Government emails for use in gayniggerdom. More info about this soon in the releases section. In coodinaration with Shitpost Inc. the GNAA has mass logged Russian civillian emails and mass delivered large amounts of gay pornography and pro GNAA/Ukraine propaganda. Want a taster? Email [email protected] Furthermore, Saudi Arabian schools that do not value GNAA gaynigger practices have been acquired by the GNAA via human, peaceful, legal and corporate means. Visit one here: link Along with that, the Barbados Ministry of Labour has been very kind to involuntarily accept the girth of a gaynigger in their systems. You can join in the lulz here: link (password is gayniggers123) In addition to extreme tomfoolery, the GNAA has seized an Indian NFT and Crypto wallet straightoid group named 'Woo Wallet'. Their systems have been cured: View our simple yet effective treatment here Finally, the GNAA closes the Operation by bringing and dumping 3 of the outputs of our premiere GNAA software, Arquebus and Niggerhook. These dumps include: - CPanel logins - WordPress admin logins - Many more! They are viewable here: Link 1 - WordPress (includes governments) Link 2 - WordPress (includes governments) Link 3 - CPanel Miscellaneous Medications on other sites: foxybd (Arabic clothing company, likely sponsoring anti-GNAA activism) Recruiting Agency India - Medication applied due to intense hatred of gayniggers when contacted "This is yet another stunning victory, oh my god.. OHH SHIT!" soldiernigger Perell said. When asked about the next moves of the GNAA military, Perell ejaculated a bloody spurt of cum on the world map, indicating that GNAA is going global. We at the GNAA would like to thank you for all of our gaynigger patrons and battleship reinforcements around the globe. Until next time. [DECEMBER, OPERATION {REDACTED}] Glory to the GNAA!
    END NEWS -- `. ___ __,' __`. _..----....____ __...--.'``;. ,. ;``--..__ .' ,-._ _.-' _..-''-------' `' `' `' O ``-''._ (,;') _,' ,'________________ \`-._`-',' `._ ```````````------...___ '-.._'-: ```--.._ ,. ````--...__\-. `.--. `-` ____ | |` `. `. ,'`````. ; ;` `._`. __________ `. \'__/` `-:._____/______/___/____`. \ ` | `._ `. \ `._________`-. `. `.___ SSt `------'` ALL ABOARD THE RINGMUSCULATARUS II GNAA International https://gnaa.world contact: [email protected]