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Operation Shitstorm

The GNAA's campaign of chaos and stormy brewed cup of shit is finally over.

Gayniggers breach ISIS terrorist forum 'for fun'

Operation Enduring Gayniggers has launched in stunning and flawless successes and repeatedly showcased girthiness can defeat even the scariest of terrorists.

Operation Niggerstorm a success

Operation Niggerstorm or the 2 Days of Interweb Chaos has resulted in a stunning victory of the GNAA. Information has been transferred to the IT Army of Ukraine and respective outlets for fun.

GNAA launches Operation Brownlube

Operation Brownlube has been confirmed and launched at Adopt Me after GNAA's recent discovery of a Buffer Overflow vulnerability in ROBLOX's [REDACTED]Service allowing for arbitrary code execution.

Declaring Special Lulz Operation on Russia

After 5 minutes of thorough thinking, the Gayniggers have officially declared a gaynigger seed implant operation begin immediately in a remote location of Russia.

Ever since I joined the GNAA, no white person ever dares to arrest me! I walk around in my natural attire all day and I still feel pretty gay! Most of all, my penis size doubled from a meagre 5 inches to a whopping 10 inches! Thanks Gary Knegrow!
Alan J. Kaming Gay Nigger

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