GNAA's Upper Echelon -

Name Occupation Years being gaynigger
Jonathan Negro Spokesperson/Spokesnigger 14+
Amber Singh Head of HR 7+
Gary Knegrow CEO 902+
Perell Laquarius Brown Youth Pastor for the Gaynigger Church. 2+
Joseph Hanginigurs Head of Public Relations 4+
Gary Nigerphagot Head of Central Command/CENTRALCOM 30+
Ingrid Geynicker Head of Cybersecurity 19+
Alex Kilyoselth Head of Unconventional Warfare 219+
Gary Niger Martyr 3219+
Jacob O'Nigur Developer for Aidono 1+
Jonquavious Wipdenigas [DECEASED, KILLED IN COMBAT] Ex-Developer for Jerome, current gaynigger martyr and gay bukkake practice zone 9+
Jerome Malicious AI and God of Gay Niggers 2,147,483,647+
Christopher Negrowe Developer for Mailnuke 32+
Martin Mynoritee Developer for Cumrunner 1+
Jeremiah Jesus Pope of Gaynigger Church 90+
Jefferson Mufasa Laquarius Demetrius DeMarcus Bertholemew Lam The Third Junior Archbishop for the Gaynigger Church. Distant Descendant of Perell 132+
Nate Higgers GNAA Bodyguard 10+
Demetrius Sukanighadik GNAA NSA Subdivision Director 3+
Jacquisse Hohmo Gaynigger Church Director and Heterophobe 32+
timecop professional gaynigger programmer, developer and engineer 99+
Agent GNAA network security/MIB [GNAA Men In Black] leader, reverse engineer 99+
popbob lua, js/typescript, python and php programmer. security researcher 99+

This is simply a small snippet of the full member list. The Nepalese Government has had extensive research on the GNAA's members. There is a full list documented by them. Visit that list here
Ever since I joined the GNAA, no white person ever dares to arrest me! I walk around in my natural attire all day and I still feel pretty gay! Most of all, my penis size doubled from a meagre 5 inches to a whopping 10 inches! Thanks Gary Knegrow!
Alan J. Kaming Gay Nigger

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