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The GNAA is a decades-old civil rights organization on advocating for the total liberation of all gayniggers around the globe from corporate and governmental tyranny. Ever since the foundation of the GNAA, thousands of members have flocked to the cause for all people around the world, to be gay niggers.
GNAA members have been affiliated with many corporate brandings, from plastic dildos to our enamoured associate, Perell Laquarius Brown.
With over 10,000 members and still counting to this day, we are proud to showcase our technological and intellectual advantages. Thousands of gayniggers and spokesniggers are doctors, teachers, lawyers, astronauts and even plumbers.

Testimonials and Reactions to the GNAA

Our Special Meetings

Premiere for Gay Niggers From Outer Space II


Our GNAA Movie Department has began working on a spiritual successor to the famous and beloved Gayniggers From Outerspace (1992). Check when GNFOSII releases here: link

Gaynigger CVE Talks

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GNAA's Gaynigger Security Exposure project allows for proper disclosure of CVEs, 0days and more for a ubiquitous goal of lulz.

Gaynigger Marches

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The GNAA hosts and sponsors orgies, marches, parades and even TED talks for our talented and eloquent spokesniggers to present their ideals to the outside world,
and educate the masses about the racists (United Nations).

A new GNAA song.

Are you gay? Are you a nigger? If you said yes to both of these questions, the Gay Niggers Association of America is for you.